With great loss can come great pain, yet it can also provide us with great insight and perspective.  Life is forever and always in a state of flux!  Nothing ever remains truly stable. Yet somewhere in the craziness and chaos we seek spiritual balance or maybe just mere survival somedays.

We truly walk a tightrope most days of our lives and we need to try and remain calm, confident and focused in order to remain in control of our lives.  If we lean too far to the left or right we can fall.  Not that falling off course is such a bad thing if we have that support net beneath us to catch us when we do, to help us re-stabalize and get back on track.

When faced with change and loss which comes at us in so many forms, and don’t forget about how change and loss affects the children in our lives. We have choices and decisions to make. I lost my mother and last parent a little less than a year ago.  It has been a tremendous year of change and growth. I could have chosen to see it as wow, guess i’m next on the list since everyone else is gone, or embrace the opportunity I now had of freedom to explore areas of my life I had neglected for far too long. When I was faced with adversity in a physical manner, I could have just given up, packed it in, yet I chose to see it as a gift to pay more attention to myself and my needs that had been long neglected.

In the quietness of the night or the stillness of your mind we can wander to all kinds of beautiful places.  It is these shifts in our perspective that can allow us to open doors of discovery that we may not have ever realized existed. Taking these moments for ourselves to connect with the silence of our mind we begin to hear…and we begin to listen…messages come to us if we remain open, guidance comes to those in need.  It is in this allowing we can find peace in our chaos.

Dealing with loss has so many layers, for the old person who has lived a rich and abundant life it becomes so difficult to say good bye – in this world, yet we who have been blessed to have loved enough to hurt are full of riches beyond what you realize.  When we allow ourselves to feel we move into a place of acceptance and peace, if we numb out our emotions we remain stuck in the hurts or pain of the past.

Change is the perpetual tightrope of life, seek to maintain balance and your path will become clear and emerge before you. Take time to breathe, pause, but don’t stall!

Seek out like minded souls, connect – you don’t have to walk the tightrope alone!

Remember with change comes significant transformation, don’t fear it, face it, embrace it, allow yourself to discover hidden gems.


Sue Kelley