What we do

Soul Synergy is about getting real!

We want to help you reach your goals, overcome struggles, find clarity all in a safe and accepting environment.  You do the work, we help you get there!

Spiritual Guidance / Intuitive Mentoring  sessions are about us being present with people and provide insight and clarity as they explore and  deepen their relationship with themselves and to learn how to  grow into their own personal spirituality. Sessions may include energy work, intuitive messages, meditation or mindfulness.

Our empaths or psychic intuitives have unique gifts that can help people in numerous ways. Intuitive Readings are insights that come to us from sensory information we receive as we tap into your energy. Each intuitive has their own style and may include past lives, connection with spirit, animal guides etc.

We also provide a variety of Holistic Energy Balancing practices such as Reiki, Integrated Energy and Aroma Touch. Frequently we incorporate sound and crystals into our sessions to enhance your experience. Essential oils can be used externally or diffused depending on scent sensitivity.

Soul Synergy is also known to connect out in the community at festivals, events, corporate parties, house gatherings.   Try something new like Fund/readings at a Stag & Doe parties.  We also have some gorgeous handmade  reiki infused pieces of jewellery and a few other items.

Check out our new Soul Synergy Shop on our site or check our calendar and drop by and visit if we are in your neighbourhood doing an event.


Bottom Line – We are about connecting with people and getting Real! 

Give us a call or text, send us an email online.  

Lets start the conversation, and see what amazing possibilities we can explore together!